Friday, December 09, 2005

Intranet Review Toolkit released

The Intranet Review Toolkit is a great new development from the good folks at Step Two Designs with some support from the IA Institute.

James from Step Two says the tookit is designed to:

"To help intranet managers assess the state of their own intranets, to identify potential improvements, and to build a stronger business case for further intranet improvement.

To help the intranet community as a whole define and refine the concept of the "best practice" intranet, and to provide a basis for constructive discussion and consideration. "
The toolkit is released under an open licence which means you can use it for free!

I think the tookit is a great first step in developing an industry definition of "best practice" for intranets as explained by James above.

It is also great to see that content guidelines and standards are well covered.

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