Friday, June 23, 2006

Intranet Communications

Toby Ward has published a big post, with some intranet screenshots, Intranet communications: improving HR service and communications, covering what content and services an intranet needs to meet employee requirements.

" Four types of principal communications should be captured
and delivered via the intranet:

Those required by law
- Health safety, regulation, …
HR Related
- Benefits, compensation, career, social, …
Business Related
- News, competitive arena, knowledge-share, …
- Watercooler, coffee break, “grapevine”, ….
- Most common information/knowledge share vehicle "

The last point is key for the continued development of user-focused intranet environments.

If you've been reading some of the key intranet bloggers such as Toby and James Roberston over recent times there's been some good pointers on successful use of these tools for knowledge management and sharing.

I have implemented similar intranet functionality that has worked for some groups but has been ineffective for others. Project teams for example have found it useful. Other groups tend to be wary especially those with little web experience.

The key is not just to provide the technological framework for the knowledge sharing to occur but to provide the employee drivers so they see direct benefits for themselves.

Essentially users need to use to the technology in an emergent way and not be forced to suddenly imput all their tacit knowledge into the various tools.

As I have mentioned before these tools shouldn't be seen as some magic content bullet but need to be used in conjunction with effective and well written content for key organisational information.

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