Thursday, June 01, 2006

Intranet ownership

Just a bit of a follow on from the previous Intranet politics post.

James Robertson has written a post on IT ownership of the intranet. It is a great read and comes down to that it doesn't really matter where ownership sits as long as the intranet is being looked after as a whole.

In my experience most IT departments simply do not have the organisational-wide viewpoint or content management skills (in terms of content rather than CMS implementation) or dedication to simplicity (over-engineering is rife among IT folk) and end users to really manage intranets at the top level. Of course they should be directing technology and code development but I think that dedicated intranet mangers should be more closely aligned with an organisation's Communications team rather than sit in IT.

But this all really depends on the organisation. Some intranet teams sit away from both Communications and IT (probably best compromise if the org structure will alllow for it).

It is also important that the intranet isn't being dictated by an external web focused team.
It needs to be managed independently from the external site but utlising common expertise.



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