Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flash - 10 years of wow-wee

Wired has an interview with Adobe discussing the 10 years of Flash.

Adobe's line on accessibility issues with Flash is 'don't blame the tools'.

Fair enough and I'm pretty much over and tired of the whole 'value of Flash' debate.

If you want to waste time with Flash animations go ahead. Same with navigation menus.
Even develop forms in Flash if you wish (one of the more crappy things that Flash is being used for. I have even seen this done on public sector websites !).

But let's be honest unless you are using Flash purely for interactive visual content (supported by non Flash content) and are using it to actually create sites/applications for a wide marketplace then you are doing your company a disservice and are ignoring your users.

There's a place for gratuitous use of Flash on design sites and targeted sites for marketing purposes but informational sites for a wide audience need to be simple and focused on the content that users come to your site for.

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At 2:38 PM, Blogger MikeE said...

Flash is the devil. Especialy the latest version as it doesn't support linux.

Any external site that uses new versions of flash on its front page, without an alternative plain text or similar page instantly alienates anyone who uses linux.

And this group is growing, especially with Novell (using Suse 10) gaining more and more market share in the corporate market.


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