Friday, August 18, 2006

Intranet access

James Robertson has written an article on intranet log-in.

The focus is 'future proofing' your intranet to deliver personalised services in the future as well as security.

The point about the intranet log-in being based on the network or PC login is very apt.

Forcing users to log into the intranet when they have already logged into their PC is redundant and a usability block.

This usually means that a users log-in is based on a browser session, so once the browser is closed the session is lost and they will have to login again when reopening the browser. This makes it difficult to get users to set their browser homepage to the intranet (if they have a choice) and using the intranet as a central staff communications channel becomes difficult if people have to log-in everytime.

These issues get more complex depending on the organisation and environment the intranet is located in.

I am currently working on a system where single sign-on has yet to be implemented and we are moving from a free access staff directory to one behind a log-in. This change in user access (despite the new directory being superior) is likely to be a huge issue on launch and it will not be resolved until the single sign-on capability has been implemented in the future.

Basic line here is to make it as simple as possible for users to access the intranet, can identify users specifically, and to make sure that security is also being looked after.



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