Monday, August 07, 2006

Portal spin, fact and fiction

Just a pointer to a James Robertson 'critque' on a recent 'article' about portals.

I fully agree with James in what he has to say and it is good to see a good old rant coming from him.

Most portal material I read always seems to be advertorial or just plain marketing hyperbole rather than any objective discussion around what portal software can do and if the benefits are actually there.

It's not that the functioinalty of portal software is bad, in fact I have seen some pretty nifty stuff, it's more around the idea that portals are being presented as the final word in document/information/content/communication/intranet/website management solutions and I believe this to be disingenious.

There is so little critical comment on portal software that it is very difficult to get good free advice. There is a whole swag of information however on portal software promoting it without any objective commentary.

So if you're looking at purchasing any portal software ensure that the marketing blurbs are considered just that and that you do extensive critical evaluations between different products and support models. There are a number of reports and consultants around to help in this area.

Even before that consider whether your issues are really about software or are actually about processes, people or business support. Software only runs as good as the processes in place to manage it and there are many stories out there about massive failures in the 'one software solution to rule them all' approach.

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