Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Global intranet report

Jane McConnell has published her global intranet report comprising of data collected from 101 organisations worldwide.

Jane will publish a short version of the report soon and make it available through her site.
The initial findings look great and I look forward to the report.

Key findings:

1. The intranet is still in its infancy. It has achieved a first milestone of being a primary information tool. Its benefits as a collaboration platform and productivity tool have not yet been fully achieved. More importantly, it is rarely perceived to be a tool to bring business value to the organisation.

2. The intranet is moving towards the individual. This is clear seeing trends in personalisable portals, feeds to hand-held devices, implementation of web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, and initiatives in the area of PKM (personal knowledge management).

3. Senior management has a stronger role to play in the intranet. Numbers and comments throughout this report repeatedly show that senior management in most organisations is not yet fully aware of the role and potential of the intranet nor of their own responsibilities regarding the intranet.



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