Friday, December 15, 2006

Intranet teams need usability skills

James Robertson has written an article 'Usability and IA are core skills for intranet teams' .

Surprisingly I have come across few dedicated intranet professionals with good skills in these areas to-date with them either being heavily technology or IT focused or at the other end and heavily internal/corporate comms focused.

James says:
The primary focus of usability and information architecture activities is
normally on the major redesign of the intranet. Taking many months, this
redesign should (and often does) follow best-practice user-centred design

Beyond this major piece of work however, it is not as widely
recognised that there is an ongoing need for usability and IA expertise relating
to the intranet.

If nothing else, once the consultants have finished
their work, it is left to the intranet team to actually put the designs into
practice. Since there is a limit to what the delivered designs can cover every
issue, there will be many small (and sometimes large) decisions yet to make.

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