Tuesday, January 16, 2007

'Best' intranets for 2007

Jakob Nielsen has announced his annual intranets of the year (2007).

The intranets are selected after an application and evaluation periuod but doesn't actually include any hands on evaluation by the judges which last year prompted Toby Ward to criticise the reporting process (although noting some value in the report).

I like when this report is announced. It gives you an insight to what major organisation are doing with their intranets. Although I haven't seen a full report for a couple of years (gets hard to justify year after year to look at cool screenshots) but even the write-up has some interesting info.

I do feel there was no need to pander to the anti-Microsoft crowd with his defence of mentioning that MS products are used. Of course they are and by more than Microsoft itself. Seems silly.

He notes that organisations are starting to use 'web 2.0' functionality for specific purposes and not just having it because it is currently well hyped. A good development in my book. Web standards etc are also being followed more regularly.

One trend with the report from previous is that it seems more an more large organisations are being included while in the past there were many smaller organisations getting a look in. I remember a winner a few years ago was a college intranet developed by a single person and today we have Microsoft and Infosys and last year was IBM etc. Perhpas it points to the growing entries for the report from large organisations or organisations taking their intranet seriously or maybe that there's more mileage to be made by highlighting multinationals rather than some small obscure college somewhere. Jakob does have a business to run.

If you do get the report remember that while ideas will easily be generated there is no value in copoying other intranets especially design. Each organisation is different and thus each intranet is different. It's those that try and be something else that tend to be problematic.

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