Thursday, April 26, 2007

Auckland intranet and portal conference

Michael Earley ( mike(at) ) over at Brightstar conferences is looking for input into the next Intranet and portal conference in Auckland (draft date 28th & 29th August).

It is the key event for this area in New Zealand so if you're interested in particpating or are interested in hearing about some specific events drop him an email.

I'll be posting more details of this as they come through.

If you want to read about last year's event check some live-blogging notes by Michael Sampson at last year's event which included some excellent presentations including one by myself :).

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At 9:11 PM, Blogger MikeE said...

Thanks Nick.

Shows how useful good old google blogsearch is when its on your RSS feeds. Have one for my name... to find out when people are talking about me :-P

Anyway - any feedback for the event is appreciated, fingers crossed, should have nick and michael back for more, along with a bunch of other speakers, new case studies etc.


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