Monday, April 02, 2007

Wisdom of crowds is ultimately flawed

Gerry McGovern has a new post on the wisdon of crowds and associated things.

To a degree I agree that the user generated web is pretty nifty thing at the moment and it fills a gap previously being ignored.

But it is limited by the taste or opinion of what the majority think is valuable or interesting or ultimately useful. I'd hazard anything of pushing too far and basing the future of the web on some percived notion that just because the majority says it's ok then it must me.

The Nazi party were voted in, Britney Spears sells more records than Joy Division and millions of people think that being a cartoon in their 'Second life' is preferable to improving and living in their first one ...

Personally as a moderate libertarian type I believe in the wisdom of the indvidual.

In an online context every indivdual user is important and the more we can let each and every user tailor their web (or intranet) experience, the better.

Even if the majority of the world can read 9pt fonts on a computer screen doesn't mean those that need 12pt should be cast aside because thwisdom of crowds dictates that only the majority ruloe the way forward.

Wisdom of crowds - wikipedia mentions the 'wisdon of crowds' but also where the so called wisdon of crowds fails.

Don't believe the hype people.

I like the very nifty 'blink' approach better. It suggests that generally it your gut instinct or first impression which is the best. No need to wait until something's been voted cool on You Tube or iTunes you either think its good straight away or it's rubbish.

Sure it not as considered as some things should be but for me it's a lot 'racier'.



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