Friday, May 25, 2007

NZ Intranet Leadership Forum

The good people at Step Two Designs have announced the dates for their first New Zealand Intranet Leadership Forums.

From Catherine Grenfell Step Two's Leadership Forum Manager:

Week commencing 27th August, 2007
Cairo Walker, Senior Consultant and CatherineGrenfell, Manager Intranet Leadership Forum meeting with intranet teams in Wellington and Auckland. First members only session will be held in Wellington and Auckland to introduce members, finalise workshops dates and decide on future workshop topics.

Week commencing 1st October, 2007
First Intranet Leadership Forum workshops held in Auckland and Wellington.
Dates to be decided by members, possibly Auckland on Tuesdays and Wellington on
Thursdays.Any member that joins now will have their membership extended
until October 2008. By joining now you will have immediate access to:
  • workshop reports from Sydney and Melbourne (topics include, information
    architecture, working effectively with content owners and authors, effective
    information management planning, skills needed in an intranet team etc)
  • how to guides (CMS requirements, card based classification etc)* your
    selected Step Two Designs reports (search, 6x2 planning, staff directories
  • email list
  • other members and your forum manager

The cost has been finalised at $3400NZ per member.

Regular readers will no doubt be aware of Step Two's excellent reputation in the intranet field.

Thus this is a great opportunity to get involved in a regular support and devlopment mechanism for your intranet and exchange ideas with other intranet folk.



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