Thursday, June 21, 2007

Intranet and portal personalisation

Step Two Designs, through their KM Column, have published two new articles around intranet and portal personalisation.

James Robertson - Personalisation vs Segementation and
Catherine Grenfell - Do staff make use of personalisation features?

Catherine's article reports on a survey Step Two did around personalisation features of intranets and portals.

The results illustrate that:

  • adoption of personalisation is far from guaranteed, the survey shows that no
    significant spike of usage at the high end of acceptance
  • personalisation includes bookmarks, portlets/dashboard elements, news and
  • management perception of personalisation benefits is a key factor
    in getting a personalisation project off the ground
  • technology available within the organisation has a significant impact on an
    organisation's ability to deliver personalisation
  • measurement of adoption and effectiveness of personalisation is undertaken
    by fewer than 20% of respondents

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