Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blogs ARE the new information medium

Jakob Nielsen is starting to show his age.

I've been a big fan of his since his 'Designing Web Usability' book and have on occasion defended the fellow from detractors.

But his latest article Write articles not blogs is one of the most boring reactionary things I've read around online communication for quite some time.

I'm sure all those big graphs in the article are all valid and the research behind it perfectly fine.

The problem is that it's boring, not engaging and I don't have time to read big long boring online article (no matter how valid) on a particular subject, especially when I'm at work and I tend to avoid getting online at home.

I like blogs as they provide 'snippets' of good information (if of course they are good blogs) or links to other information. It helps build a collective and wide personal knowledge of a subject over time without the need to do in-depth study.

The social and interaction aspects of blogs should not be overlooked for the valid value they provide which articles do not.

Articles certainly have their place and there are people that do both but blogs have opened up knowledge sharing beyond what traditional articles have and shouldn't be compared with something as structured as an article.

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